Daily Thought: Time To Never Upgrade My OS Again

Today my sister bought a budget level Lenovo laptop, because the family’s had a good run with Lenovo stuff. I have a hefty Ideapad that I’ve used for MMOs and productivity without a hitch, and my younger sister has a budget level Lenovo lappy that’s worked great for her school stuff. My sister bought her laptop now because I told her jokingly that Windows 10 is gonna come standard on these things from now on, and the thought drove her near to panic so she rushed out to buy now.

Thankfully, it just has Windows 8.1. on it.

Windows 10 seems rather unbearable. Even after you turn off all the unwanted settings, there’s stuff like not being able to turn off updates in Windows 10 Home. That’d be a dealbreaker for me: as someone on a strict data cap I need to be able to have total control of the things using data on my computer. All the ads, the data mining crap, all of which comes on by default. This is an ugly side-effect of the Cloud-ification of everything on your computer: more and more things get shunted to an internet connection ostensibly for your convenience, but then they do whatever they want while calling home base, without your input and utterly outside accountability. I’m going to guess Windows 8.1 is as far as I’ll go, judging by how horrible Windows 10 has turned out to be.

I’ve surrendered enough control already as it is; Windows 10 is just insultingly roguish with my data. It had me pinned to the mat before, now it’s taunting me while I’m down with a knee to my head.

It almost makes me long for the days when shit just came on a disc and you popped it in and those were the steps of the process.

I might not be able to buy that disc and get it right away intercontinentally like I can things now, but at least that disc wasn’t selling my data to third parties every second (for my convenience, y’know, improving my user experience and all of that jazz).


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2 thoughts on “Daily Thought: Time To Never Upgrade My OS Again”

  1. I just switched to Windows 10 last week (had 7 before) and I’m really not impressed. I was told it would run better on low-end systems, but it doesn’t. It always asks if I am sure I want to run certain programs, it had issues with video card drivers and colour settings, and to top it all, now my computer randomly turns on during the night. It’s so creepy 😐

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