Expressions of Literalchemy (2)

Expressions of Literalchemy is a series collecting and cleaning up posts I made about¬†writing that I originally posted to my tumblr. Eventually I’ll run out of those and have to do new material, but for now, whatever.

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Expressions of Literalchemy (1)

On tumblr, I posted a lot of things to a personal tag, “Literalchemy.” It was a tag I used for thoughts about writing. For privacy reasons, and because a lot of fucked up people on tumblr hate me for no reason, I decided to remove my tumblr from search engine indexing. Because tumblr is a bad website this has also prevented me from finding a lot of good shit I posted about writing on this tag. So I have turned indexing briefly back on, so I could find some Literalchemy posts, and cross-post them here. I will be calling these particular crossposts “Expressions of Literalchemy” because I am obsessed with personal dramatics.

Anyway, here we go, I hope these prove useful or interesting to you.

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