Expressions of Literalchemy (3)

My major problem having a blog that’s not explicitly made to hold my fiction is I never know what to post in it. However, today I got a very nice question on Tumblr and I answered it in a variety of ways that satisfied me, and Tumblr is a terrible website for archival purposes, eyemow, so I’ll put them up here as one of these posts. Enjoy!

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Solstice War Watch (Week Of 8/23)

Wow, lots of stuff happened this week I plum forgot to post about on here! First of all, Chapter 43 was posted. It’s a pretty romance-focused chapter that resolves a long-standing will-they-or-won’t-they and as such I had to pretty delicate while writing it. It’s probably the most re-written Solstice War chapter. If you’re into lesbian romances you’ll find a lot to like. And if not, well, maybe you’ve got bad taste? Ever think that?

I’ve long been displeased with the introductory scene to The Solstice War; the lone soldier wandering through the woods. I’ve now killed it and in its place I’ve written a brand new introduction that forms a better bookend with the closing events of Book 1, and is generally more interesting and exciting than that dumb old intro bit. Catch it here.

Finally, I did some housework on the web site itself, creating new pages for Salva’s Taboo Exchanges, Apocalypse 2030 (the previous bunch of uncategorized side-stories) as well as Extra Content (wallpapers, patreon rewards, Johannes Jager, and the upcoming erotica stuff) and a page for Site Policies. Take a look at all that if you want, it’s there!

So yeah, that’s it. If you like the Solstice War, maybe throw a vote my way here?

Expressions of Literalchemy (1)

On tumblr, I posted a lot of things to a personal tag, “Literalchemy.” It was a tag I used for thoughts about writing. For privacy reasons, and because a lot of fucked up people on tumblr hate me for no reason, I decided to remove my tumblr from search engine indexing. Because tumblr is a bad website this has also prevented me from finding a lot of good shit I posted about writing on this tag. So I have turned indexing briefly back on, so I could find some Literalchemy posts, and cross-post them here. I will be calling these particular crossposts “Expressions of Literalchemy” because I am obsessed with personal dramatics.

Anyway, here we go, I hope these prove useful or interesting to you.

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[CharacterName] Dies

Character deaths can pretty easily become a tired gimmick as an author, especially when it comes to edgy adult genre fiction. There are so many dudes out there writing “dark fantasy” who are spoken of in terms of The Body Count. You pick up their latest books or watch TV adaptations and you do so wondering who’s gonna go. It’s the big question when people discuss the work. Is your favorite character gonna die?

And it’s a pretty effective way to push paper out of warehouses, but I find it painfully boring and offputting. Because it’s not really the character’s death that you care about so much: it’s the aftermath. What will the story be like without them? That can be interesting when done right, but lately I’m just finding it really schlocky.

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