Solstice War Watch (Week Of 8/23)

Wow, lots of stuff happened this week I plum forgot to post about on here! First of all, Chapter 43 was posted. It’s a pretty romance-focused chapter that resolves a long-standing will-they-or-won’t-they and as such I had to pretty delicate while writing it. It’s probably the most re-written Solstice War chapter. If you’re into lesbian romances you’ll find a lot to like. And if not, well, maybe you’ve got bad taste? Ever think that?

I’ve long been displeased with the introductory scene to The Solstice War; the lone soldier wandering through the woods. I’ve now killed it and in its place I’ve written a brand new introduction that forms a better bookend with the closing events of Book 1, and is generally more interesting and exciting than that dumb old intro bit. Catch it here.

Finally, I did some housework on the web site itself, creating new pages for Salva’s Taboo Exchanges, Apocalypse 2030 (the previous bunch of uncategorized side-stories) as well as Extra Content (wallpapers, patreon rewards, Johannes Jager, and the upcoming erotica stuff) and a page for Site Policies. Take a look at all that if you want, it’s there!

So yeah, that’s it. If you like the Solstice War, maybe throw a vote my way here?


Solstice War Watch 8/1/2015

Greetings comrades! Another amazing chapter of The Solstice War went live yesterday. This time we’re up to Chapter 42, Rumbling Hearts. It features some cool historical references and a good bit of romance. You might not think it, but I’m actually a huge romantic. I’ve read so much melodramatic yuri manga, and I used to be a downright sucker for even the worst of dumb JRPG romance plots. Of course, I’m trying to make my romance stuff better than that but we’ll see if I actually succeed.

Anyway! Read Chapter 42, and if you enjoy the story, throw me a vote on Top Web Fiction! You can expect the next piece of Solstice War between the 7th and 10th somewhere. Until then, keep your eyes peeled!

Solstice War Watch 7/24/15

Yo since I’m not gonna be on tumblr much anymore I might as well shill my projects on this blog instead (this is a concept that has been termed, by accredited scientists at robust research institutions, as “cross-promotion”). Chapter 41 of the Solstice War, Ghede River Warfare, is out. What is The Solstice War? It’s my free, online, original fiction serial novel about the war between the Federation of Northern States and the Socialist Dominances of Solstice for control of the Indo-African melange continent of Ayvarta. It’s got diverse characters, strong militaria, and it’s based on my obsessive knowledge of World War 2.

I originally planned to name this chapter “HAUS” but I only do the all-caps name chapters for when the thing in the title is really, really, really significant and hype. And Haus didn’t end up being both as I originally planned. In the original draft, Haus did way too much and it felt really forced and improbable, so I changed some things around, and instead gave the chapter a much more descriptive name, Ghede River Warfare. That’s out, and marks the end of the three-chapter Nocht mini-arc in the middle of the Rangda story arc. Next time we’re back to Rangda proper.

Keep your eyes peeled for more great Solstice War stuff, and if you enjoy the story, take a moment to vote on Top Web Fiction for The Solstice War. This helps other people find the story! Maybe they’ll enjoy it too!